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Cromer Carpets offers a wide selection of laminate flooring to suit your needs

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Laminate flooring offers a tough and easy to maintain floor with texture and definition of the individual boards to give a really natural look. With plenty of ranges out there we can offer a great choice of colours and finishes.

With a laminate floor it requires an expansion gap around the room which can be covered by your skirting boards if they are off at the time of fitting but if this can’t be the case we would fit a scotia beading round the edge to cover the gap.

Laminate can go most places in the house, only place to avoid would be your bathroom as too much moisture can cause problems for the joints. With the right finishing strips you can even have laminate on your stairs!

Brand leaders such as Egger, Quickstep and Balterio give us a wide selection of choice which we have samples available in store to look at and borrow.

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